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The Lacey Family hails from Jamestown, OH and has been playing in churches, festivals, and special events since 2004. It is their desire to present the Good News through conservative traditional bluegrass gospel music, demonstrating that it is OK to have fun while being a Christian.


The group consists of father and mother along with six children, all participating in some fashion. Tim plays the five-string banjo, Sandy the autoharp, Daniel the guitar, and Joel the acoustic bass. Joshua sings bass while Jonathan plays the mandolin, guitar, dobro, and bass (though not all at the same time). Shauna sings lead now and Benjamin helps out on many of the songs. All of the children were home-schooled.


Tim and Sandy both come from musical families. Tim is originally from Georgia and Sandy from Wisconsin. They met and were married in Idaho and now live in Ohio (ask us how this happened sometime). Tim and Sandy have sung together since their marriage in 1986, and are now joined by their talented children. They are thrilled to be ministering together as a family.


The Lacey's program consists of lively gospel music with a variety of styles that speak straight to the heart. They enjoy singing and playing and hope that you will be blessed by their ministry.

The Lacey Family

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